Used Machinery Inspection (e4)

used Machinery Inspection


According to the requirements of the Chinese government, in order to ensure the safety and health of imported used machinery, a qualified third-party inspection agency must conduct pre-loading inspection on used machinery exported to China. CCIC SPAIN is one of the pre-loading inspection service agencies for used machinery exported from Europe to China approved by China Customs (GACC). The inspection certificate and inspection report issued by it are necessary documents for the client to apply for customs clearance at the port of entry. The main technical basis for the pre-loading inspection of imported used machinery is the mandatory requirements of China’s laws, regulations, standards and technical specifications.

service scope

Pre-loading inspection and supervision services for imported used machinery before shipment, and consulting services (laws and regulations) on imported used machinery.

regulations and standards

“Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of the People’s Republic of China”

“Border Health and Quarantine Law of the People’s Republic of China”

“Imported Used Machinery Inspection and Supervision and Administration Measures”

“Special Equipment Safety Inspection Regulations” and various related GB technical standards.


1. The applicant should register in the “Imported Used machinery Quality and Safety Information Service Platform” (, fill in the equipment and company information and send an email to our company for inquiries and inspection application forms ;

2. After receiving the application form, our company will issue an inspection fee quotation and invoice according to the specific conditions of the equipment;

3. The applicant pays relevant fees;

4. Our company formulates an inspection plan, confirms the inspection date with the shipper, and informs the Chinese applicant;

5. Our company sends inspectors to the equipment storage site to carry out inspections;

6. The shipper shall rectify the non-conformities found during the inspection;

7. Issue pre-loading inspection certificates and reports and send them to the applicant by express delivery;

8. After receiving the certificate and report, the applicant should  handle customs clearance matters.