Wood Fumigation (e8)

Wood Fumigation


CCIC SPAIN is a professional company officially recognized by the Spanish government with wood fumigation qualifications. The company has a many operators with fumigation qualifications, equipped with professional fumigation equipment, according to international standards and European standards.

Service scope

Provide pre-shipment fumigation services for logs and panels sent from Europe to China, and European timber procurement consulting services.

regulations and standards

International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) ,RD 830/2010, 25 of june and other relevant international and EU standards.


1. The domestic purchaser submits an application for wood fumigation to our company, including the company information of the two parties to the transaction, the location of the wood, the quantity and the port of shipment and other information;

2. After verifying the above information, our company will calculate and charge related fumigation fees in advance;

3. Contact the shipper to confirm the time, and arrange professional fumigation personnel to go to the port or forest farm to fumigate the exported timber;

4. After the fumigation is completed, the corresponding fumigation certificate will be issued and handed over to the shipping company for import and export procedures.