Traceability (e7)



CCIC Spain Traceability is based on the model of “Traceability + TIC” (Test, Inspection and Certification), CCIC Traceability is specialized in providing product quality traceability solutions and construction service of traceability system for commodities traded on a global scale, and improving trust-based relationship among government authorities, manufacturers, domestic and abroad traders and consumers.

service scope
  • Origin verification: Prove the true origin, production plant or channel source of the goods.
  • Quality verification: Based on the verification of the origin, the quality of the product is evaluated whether it meets the requirements of laws, regulations and standards.
  • Full traceability: On the basis of quality verification, monitor and verify traceable commodities from production to circulation to consumption.
  • Global optimization: Implement certification and supervision of the entire production chain of commodities from raw materials to finished products in accordance with the corresponding international and Chinese standards to prove that the quality of the manufacturers and suppliers is excellent and credible.