Recycling Materials (e1)

Pre-loading inspection - Recycling materials


CCIC is authorized by the Chinese government to provide inspection services for recycled metal exported to China. According to Chinese laws and regulations, recycled metal raw materials exported to China need to undergo pre-inspection. CCIC Spain provides this inspection service and provides a qualification review and consulting services on relevant Chinese policies and regulations. The company has professional staffs and advanced inspection equipment, to provide inspection services. 


Recycled metal raw materials (brass, copper, cast aluminum alloy) pre-loading inspection, sample sampling and inspection,  supervision services, relevant Chinese policies and regulations consulting services, etc.

regulations and standards

“Recycled Brass Raw Material Standard” (GB/T38470-2019), “Recycled Copper Raw Material Standard” (GB/T38471-2019), “Recycled Cast Aluminum Alloy Raw Material Standard” (GB/T38472-2019)


1. 由具有再生金属原料资质的境外发货人向本公司提交检验申请;

2. 我司核实发货人资质和货物信息,预收相关检验费用;

3. 安排检验人员赴现场进行装运前预检验和样品取样;

4. 预检验合格的货物,签发相应的装运前预检验合格证书和报告;

5. 国内收货人在办理该货物清关手续时出具该证书以便提出货物。

1. Submit an inspection application to CCIC Spain;

2. Verifies the shipper’s qualifications and cargo information;

3. Arrange an inspection (in situs) for pre-loading inspection and sample sampling;

4. Issue the quality certificate;

5. The certificate must send to China for the customs process.